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Why Content Matters

If you’re a business owner with a website that’s getting traffic and generating new business … and you’re satisfied with what you have, you may not need to read this.

But if you’d like to use the web to communicate effectively about your business, create interest in your products and services and improve your bottom line, read on.

You might want to learn more about web content, and how the content you create for your website is just as important, if not more important, than your website’s design.

How Does Your Content Support Your Business?

There are really two ways the words on your site convey meaning about your business. The communicate the facts — your hours, your prices, your services — and they impart meaning through the tone of the word you use.

Let’s start by discussing the facts.

What is your website saying to potential customers? Is it accurate? Do you have out of date listings for last year’s events? Is there product information about a discontinued or out of stock product you used to sell? Is there something that isn’t on your site now – a hot product, a sale, a shopping tip – that would help bring customers into your store.

Now imagine that all of those things on your website were updated on a regular basis. And imagine all of the business you might see as a result of improving your website.

Now let’s talk about tone.

How does your website speak to your customers? If you’re running a friendly, personable business, are you speaking to customers in friendly, personable language? Or are you using jargon they may not understand?

I urge you to think about whether your website is really an extension of the one-on-one conversations you have with your customers on a regular basis.

Your Content Can Build Rapport with Customers

Here’s an example related to business technology, but applicable to any business.

A 2010 survey by Eccolo Media found that 60 percent of technology purchasers read marketing collateral such as websites or whitepapers during the pre-sale stage of the buying process, before they initiated discussions with potential suppliers. Wouldn’t you like to make sure that your potential customers are about to find out more about your business on your website, instead of having them find out about a similar product or service through your competitor’s website?

That same survey found that the company website is the most important distribution channel for marketing collateral materials. Today’s buyers, whether they’re shopping for shoes or servers, are researching companies and products on their own.

Regardless of how you think your customers are finding out about your company, they are likely using the web to research you before you meet. In fact, they may even refuse to meet you if your marketing content is not compelling to them.

Now let’s move on to how your content helps your website.

Your Content Helps Customers Find You

Google is a household word. And Googling is a verb. Your customers are Googling your business name and looking for your phone number. They may also be looking for your hours, products, services and prices. And if they can contact you through a form on your website, it’s a great way for them to reach you from work or after hour.

Do you know where your website ranks in Google? Are you higher or lower than your main competitor. If you want to rank higher, do you know that the content on your site can help you do so? According to Google’s Matt Cutts, the content on your site determines approximately 30 percent of your search engine ranking.

And since that content is wholly within your control, doesn’t that seem like an opportunity to you?

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